Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Progressive Hidden in Trump Attire

Mr. Trump is really a closet Progressive.

Yes, really.

Please give the idea a moment of thought.

By doing everything possible to make life miserable for the 99.9% he will become the catalyst for change for the better right now. In the past, natural rights, human rights required centuries to become woven into our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Now, within only a few days Mr. Trump has turned the spotlight on those rights we all have taken for granted and then crushed them under foot.

Even his supporters will at some point develop “eyes that see and ears that hear”.

Meaning, even his most ardent Caucasian-American supports will soon be able to comprehend the terrible Trump fact that Mr. Trump is not really their man.*

For instance, even Mr.-Mrs.-Ms.-Make-America-Great-Again will at some point require Social Security, Medicare and affordable medigap insurance to buy food and cover bankrupting medical costs.**

Therefore at some point in Mr. Trump’s time in office, Mr.-Mrs.-Ms.-Make-America-Great-Again will develop the brain altering affliction: Eyes that See and Ears that Hear.

That is the moment when we will revisit the America of our parents and grandparents and then improve and enhance our nation for ourselves and our grandchildren.

* Assuming we are not first incinerated in a nuclear holocaust brought on by a Trump miscalculation or temperamental hissy fit.
** Trump Vows to Make Paul Ryan's Nightmarish Budget Vision a Reality, Deirdre Fulton, CommonDreams, 26 Jan 2017.

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