Friday, June 28, 2019

One Voter, One Vote Takes Body Blow

Instead of turning the cleansing light of day on our disgusting partisan politics original sin – gerrymandering - the Robert’s Supreme Court has decided to breathe new life into that creepy-crawly-snaky-thing and allow it to continue hijacking our elections.

So much for the head court man’s promise to protect and defend the Constitution. He must have crossed his fingers when saying, “…I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich…”.

The Brian Dickerson, The Detroit Free Press, has the whole story here:

Supreme Court justices tell Michigan's Democratic voters to drop dead, Brian Dickerson, Detroit Free Press, 27 June 2019. 

Oh, here’s one more election rigging thing. This one was outed in 2016.

It's about how Mr. Fetid Zombie man himself, Karl Rove, was stymied by Anonymous, the Internet’s “sometimes guardian angel”.

Did Anonymous stop Karl Rove from Stealing Ohio again?

Thom Hartmann Program
Published on Nov 16, 2012

Thom Hartmann discusses an article that says the hacker group, Anonymous may have been involved in stopping GOP mastermind Karl Rove from stealing the election in Ohio this year.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Ah... I didn't Know That!

This just in from the I Didn't Know That Department... Americans really want a better life!

Yes, it appears we do want our government to work in our interests!

Oh My! What if this info gets out?

Life could suddenly become livable.

It's possible we could actually, really resolve a thing or two. How radical is that?

Robert Reich: America is More Radical Than You Think

Monday, June 17, 2019

Smarter & Wiser This Time

“I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I have been.”Art credit:
I’m looking for a miracle this morning. I'm prayin’ that we’ll be smarter this time than to be deceived by the same people that fed us all B.S. last time. That’s when we launched the biggest blunder in U.S. history - the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

All along I thought nothing could top the War in Vietnam on the Premier Blunder of All Time Hit Parade. I was wrong. How dumb to think that we couldn't top the stupidity of the Vietnam War.

In 2002 / 2003, I hope you remember, thousands fruitlessly protested in the streets against going to war. We chanted and cried to no avail. The U.S. neocons were determined to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people – ours and theirs – for the glory of the U.S. empire, I reckon.

So we did it. We went to war.

Have we forgotten that the reasons the administration gave for going to war were proven to be bogus? They lied so they could murder, pillage, destroy and create wealth for a select few.

I know that sounds harsh. Back then, we all so dearly prayed that our leaders were justified and acted honorably in our behalf.

Sadly, they did not.

You know, as I do, that their blunder has drained trillions of dollars of our national treasure. And, yet, it is still not over. It will never really be over. Our grandchildren will be paying for this insane adventure for the rest of their lives.

Still, that’s just money. Worse, in my mind, is the depravity of it all.

And they are doing it all once again. In Mr. Bolton’s demented mind it’s well past time to take out the Iranians. It’s their turn to feel Uncle Sam’s righteous wrath. But maybe this time our allies are standing up to his neocon bluster.

We, the people of the United States, should know better by now.

This time we must out the psychopaths for their insanity.

It’s time we show that we have learned a thing or two and to be smarter and wiser. This time, let's... get to where we're going by walking away from where we have been.

Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies - 1987

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Whose Socialism? Yours or the Corporations?

Way back in the 1936 at Madison Square Garden, Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt said:

FDR was right then.

Likewise, Bernie Sanders is right today. During his speech at George Washington University, 12 June 2019, he said,

“While President Trump and his fellow oligarchs attack us for our support of democratic socialism, they don’t really oppose all forms of socialism,” Sanders said. “They may hate democratic socialism because it benefits working people, but they absolutely love corporate socialism that enriches Trump and other billionaires.”

It is time to guarantee our second Bill of Rights. If we do not... we will have none at all.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Can You See God?

Eight Inc. envisions rebuilding the Notre-Dame's roof
and spire just how it was – except using glass(Credit: Eight Inc.)
Perhaps some day you'll travel to Paris, France and visit Notre-Dame.

You'll walk inside, sit down, look up and see God. Yes, right through the glass roof.

Here's the story...

Apple Store designer envisions rebuilding Notre-Dame using glass, Adam Williams,, 10 June 2019.

Following the blaze that damaged the iconic Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, the French Prime Minister announced plans for an architecture competition and a modern redesign. We've since reported on one interesting proposal from Vincent Callebaut Architectures and now comes another, courtesy of Eight Inc., which envisions rebuilding the spire and roof using glass.

Eight Inc. proposes to restore the Notre-Dame's roof and spire back to its previous condition but using glass. All the decorative flourishes including statues would be recreated, and it would be illuminated at night, lending it a really striking appearance. According to Dezeen, the firm, which designed the original Apple Stores, proposes to make use of structural glass to allow it to be built without supports ruining the transparent effect.


I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash - 1972

Sunday, June 9, 2019

We Are an Extended Family

A delusional billionaire’s perception of a world map. Credit: Aaron Nemo.

A recent trip to Atlanta brought back to my mind futurist Jeremy Rifkin.

I've followed him and written about him for years because his ideas make sense to me. Please see:
Canny Chinese… Metamorphosis into Smartest “New Capitalist”.

Many throughout the world agree, especially European and Chinese leaders. They have implemented his concepts and are moving their nations progressively forward by creating an improved life for all their people.

American political leaders have not. There are some exceptions, such as San Antonio's local government leaders (Mission Verde).

Still, for the most part, we are mired in and wasting precious resources on Mr. Trump’s insanely superficial, "alternative" world.

These two videos present a glimpse of Rifkin's world... our world... if only we would allow ourselves to have it.

Jeremy Rifkin, The Empathic Civilization

Jeremy Rifkin on the Fall of Capitalism and the Internet of Things

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Please, Somebody Help Him… and the rest of us from him

Mr. Trump, Coming out of the mental illness closet.

Mr. Trump’s recent trip to the UK was an outing of sorts.

Not because of his usual antics and stupid statements, but because at least one of his mental illnesses, Delusional Disorder was completely outed. That is, outed to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

As one might expect, Fox News gaslighted and downplayed the UK protests.

The problem is their reporting alone is what the Trumpists follow day in,day out, never permitting themselves to hear or read anything else from another source. Under these circumstances, it is unlikely they will ever begin to detect a blemish on their knight’s armor, let alone learn that their leader /saint is seriously mentally ill.

Still, the rest of the world did see and hear the protesters as well as Mr. Trump’s declaration that he saw thousands of people cheering him, then saying to the world media, “Where are the protesters? So it was fake news.”

Mr. Trump displayed his delusions for the world to see.

The two question we must ask now are:
  • When will we do something to help the man and get him the mental healthcare he so clearly needs?
  • When will we help ourselves, protect ourselves, by relieving him of the staggering powers of presidency?
A woman posing as the Statue of Liberty stands next to the “Trump baby” balloon as anti-Trump protesters gather in Parliament Square on Tuesday. (Photo: Matt Dunham/AP)

Trump in the U.K. Day 2: 75,000 Protesters and One Weird Tuxedo | The Daily Show