Monday, November 21, 2011

Heroes and Photos

Nothing Seems to Change... Except the Date.

Police pepper spray seated, nonviolent protesters at The University of California, Davis, Friday, 18 Nov 2011 (above). Police pull high school student and bystander Walter Gadsden into the street so dogs can tear at him, Birmingham, Alabama, 4 May 1963.

Heroes can change the world. And, photos of heroes can change the world, too. By now you may have seen the video of police pepper-spraying seated University of California, Davis protesters. This disgusting display of brutality reminded me of the shocking photo I saw in 1963. It showed police dogs tearing at Walter Gadsen's abdomin, a peaceful bystander, pulled by a police officer into the street during a civil rights march so the dogs could get to him. I wasn't the only person shocked by the photo. President Kennedy was too. And millions of Americans were shocked, as well. (See my post, 31 Aug 2011, What is the Price of Teapot Stupidity?)

The video of a police officer pepper-spaying seated, nonviolent protesters on a college campus is an equally shocking image. I pray these brave protesters were not permanently injured. And, I pray that millions of Americans will be as outraged as I am over this unnecessary brutality as we were 48 years ago.

The video has now gone viral, with 2+ million views, as of 24 Nov 2011.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Super Committee... Super Let Down America!

Major media are predicting that the Congressional Super Committee will not come to an agreement and therefore not recommend a plan of action to the People of the United States. This may be good or bad, depending upon whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. For the rest of us, it's the same old thing... our elected "representatives" showing a disgusting lack of concern for the people and just one more example of the failure of both parties to do their duty in service to the people of the United States.

Here are the real heroes... click on the image to see the video or go here:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Old World Ends... New World Begins... Just as Maya Predicted

Over the past few years my friend has repeatedly heard me say, “I won’t be buying new underwear until after 2012 because the Maya Calendar ends in 2012 and multitudes predict that’s when the world will end. (Or, sometime around then, give or take a few years, months, decades - depending upon interpretation and / or who is writing the story, etc.) Anyway, so, no use spending the few meager dollars I have on such frivolous items such as clothing because we will all be gone in a few months. I won’t be needing it.

Today, I believe a different interpretation of the calendar thing. Yes, the experts are right. Our “old” world will soon be ending and a new one is about to begin. But, it appears the “ending” will be a good thing, not a bad thing.

Here are two reasons for my optimism:

  1. Solar energy is now within the average Joe’s reach. We can have our own renewable, relatively low cost, energy source in our homes, thus savings will not only be made in the monthly electricity and gas bill but in the mega millions spent on the fossil fuel industry and allied infrastructure. Go here for more about Solar Power >>>

  2. A few years of rational, self-serving policy is paying off in a more livable, safe environment. That is to say, the cumulative effect of cleaning up the rivers and lands is clearly visible. Witness this story in today’s Detroit Free Press about the International Detroit River Wildlife Refuge. By the way, our hometown, Grosse Ile, is located in the center of the Refuge. Go here for more about the Refuge >>>

Whoever created that Mayan calendar was right in ending it in 2012, because despite what the politicians don’t do in Washington, you can bet on a new world soon. Our new world doesn’t require Republicans or Democrats working together for the nation’s good - something they can't seem to manage.  We will soon have the power to take care of ourselves without them. Just think, finally, an end to ever increasing fossil fuel costs and a new industry, potentially employing millions, converting every home and business to renewable energy. And, an end to an irrelevant political process which has come to benefit only the politicians, the fossil fuel people and the 1 percenters.

I think I’ll buy some new underwear today.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Economic Fix Proposed

Looking out the office window I see a beautiful sunrise this morning, 2 Nov 2011.

I’m so inspired. I guess I'll risk everything and present the Baker Economic and Social Political Plan for saving the United States and hence the world.

No, this time, it does not require immediate resignation of all Republicans and Democrats and the total replacement of all members of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate… not even the State of Michigan House and Senate.

Frankly, I’ve given up on our elected representatives and their controlling masters and our current crony-capitalist-dominated system. (For a outstanding descriptions of what is happening, see: "Crony Capitalism Comes Home," The New York Times, Nicholas D. Kristof, 26 Oct 2011, and “Did You Hear the One About the Bankers?,” The New York Times, Thomas Friedman, 29 Oct 2011, and, “Panic of the Plutocrats,” The New York Times, Paul Krugman, 9 Oct 2011,)

Our Future

Well, the plan this morning includes ten major “pillars” and identifies several “found” revenue streams, any one of which will restore financial health to the nation and put millions of us 99ers back to work. So, here it is:

  1. Tax and penalize harmful activities
    a. Sugar consumption – move toward an emphasis on creation of a preventative health care system by placing a tobacco-industry-like tax on all processed foods which include sugar. That would include foods sold through fast food restaurants as well as those sold at the grocery store and bring billions of dollars of found revenue into the federal treasury. Additionally, this tax alone will drastically cut healthcare costs and place the spotlight on ending our society’s sick dependency on sugar. We have known for decades that fructose and sugar in any form is poison. Still, the food industry continues to use it because sugar-laced foods sell. Go here for the medical rationale presented by Dr. Robert H. Lustig, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology >>>
    b. Prosecute and fine the soft drink industry, in the same manner as the tobacco industry, for “sugar poising” and facilitating major illnesses upon billions of soda drinkers. The diseases include: diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hypertension and possible many common cancers. (See reference above.)
    c. Penalize the financial industry (the major banks and Wall Street firms) for the worldwide financial disaster they created. (No reference required.)

  2. Adopt the progressive consumption tax concept proposed by Dr. Robert Frank, economics professor at Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management. Go here for more>>>

  3. Tax CO2 emissions by U.S. industries and the petroleum industry and fund development of green energy industries, such as solar, wind and geothermal>>>

  4. Tax CO2 emissions by U.S. industries and the petroleum industry and fund modernization of the U.S. electric-power delivery system and emphasize development of “smart grid” and distributed electrical power generation “systems” for millions of homes and businesses. Go here for more >>>   and Go here for more>>>  (Stand by, I will be publishing more about multisource mini home power units.)

  5. Emphasize green autos / trucks and fund modernization of national mass transit (high-speed rail) using drug taxes and the CO2 / petroleum industry taxes revenues,and create jobs.

  6. Actually begin to control and manage the Defense Department budget and turn the spotlight on black ops funding, so that we know what is really being spent  (No reference required.)

  7. End the war on drugs. Legalize drugs and make them available for purchase, and taxed, through state liquor stores and supervised medical clinics and create jobs. Release the nonviolent drug offenders from prison and cut costs. (No reference required.)

  8. Using revenue generated through the sugar consumption tax, the soft drink industry tax, the drug taxes and the CO2 / petroleum industry taxes, fund major public works programs, e.g. FDR-era programs like the WPA, and concentrate on rebuilding the US infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, rail systems and create jobs. Run the programs through refunded, revised and reinvigorated VISTA - Volunteers in Service to America - Corporation for National and Community Service, renamed "AmeriCorps*VISTA”, and SCORE - to utilize their energy, talents and experience in service to the nation. Go here for more>>>

  9. Using revenue generated through the sugar consumption tax, the soft drink industry tax, the drug taxes, the CO2 / petroleum industry taxes and penalties levied on the Financial Industry, reduce and align the mortgages of millions of American homeowners with the current market valuation of their homes, create consumer spending power, invigorate the economy and create jobs.

  10. Do not allow the crony capitalists to dismantle President Obama’s healthcare program and/or Medicaid / Medicare. Instead, extend it and refine the programs to include all U.S. citizens in a true preventative-focused, health care system and create jobs.

Those are just a few thoughts to help make a difference today.
What are your thoughts?