Saturday, March 30, 2013

Today, Akin to History, Anger is Building

Les Misérables - Do You Hear the People Sing

Let’s deal with the facts of everyday life here. How is your life today?
  • Do you have enough money to pay your bills? 
  • Are you employed in a job worthy of your experience and education? 
  • Are you employed? 
  • Do you have retirement savings? Your 401k?
  • Do you have savings?
  • Do you even have a checking account? 
  • If you still have credit cards, how much interest are you paying… 32%? 
  • Are you still being harassed by some third or fourth level collection company who bought you “debt” for a few fractions of a penny and The Man permits it?
  • Has the price of the food you buy from Walmart gone up? 
  • How about gas for you car? 
  • If you still have a car, are you spending what little you have so you can pay for gasoline so you can get to your McDonald’s job? 
  • Do you still have a home? 
  • Or, like millions of Americans, does the bank, some speculator, or your city / township / village / county now own your home due to back taxes you can’t pay because it’s based on the pre-bust value of your home or because the bank repossessed it because you couldn’t pay your over-priced, high-interest-rate mortgage? 
I’ll bet you voted for President Obama because you believed he’d be able to help you.

Or, if you were fooled by the "conservative", tea party or republican b.s., you voted for the other guy because you buy the ancient “old-saw” line, “I’m better than those other people” and they are the reason I can’t have a decent job and a home like Mom and Dad’s.

If you are an old guy, I’ll bet you believed that Gulf of Tonkin story, too. Or, if you’re younger, you probably bought the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” line, as well.

Because we were so naive our government wasted TRILLIONS of our tax dollars killing millions of people, as well as thousands of our own, to say nothing of those thousand who suffer “normal” battle wounds, PTSD, agent orange induced health complications of zillion kinds – and, now, thousands more of our troops and countless innocent civilians who are suffering from unacknowledged “spent uranium" poisoning and another zillion health complications.

So, we elected this man we want to believe will help us. But, for a multitude of reasons he keeps running into roadblocks and can’t get the legislation through the worst, do nothing Congress in the history of our nation.

Regardless, most of the 99%ers are still suffering – only now it’s gotten even worse.

It's fast becoming bad enough for us to lose our faith in the guy we elected and come to the conclusion that he simply can’t or chooses not to make the difference to right the wrongs we have lived with for the past so many years. For us in Michigan, it’s been more than 10 years.

What happens now?

We believe in America. We fought for America. Still, we are people who believe we are a free people. Not one of us will knowingly accept slavery. 

While our blood boils and our anger has risen to unimagined heights — just like the characters depicted in Les Misérables — we will take a different path to right the wrongs. We have a plan.