Friday, March 20, 2015

We Know... Now What?

So. The game is rigged against us. Anything new here? No. Nothing will change until more of us realize just how messed up the system is and then go - en masse -  to D.C. and make the wheels of government turn for us, the 99.9%. What might we make the government do? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Reverse Citizen's United vs. Federal Election Commission 
  2. Repeal three, Bill of Rights busting laws: the USA PATRIOT Act, the Military Commission Act and the National Defense Authorization Act.
  3. Re-establish the Glass-Steagall Act
  4. Abolish the CIA
  5. Establish a national public works program and fix our infrastructure 
  6. Adopt a Robin Hood tax
  7. Facilitate local, sustainable, distributed energy systems throughout the nation.
  8. Retrieve the trillions of dollars now being expended through the "Deep Black Opps Budget" and put it to use serving the needs of the people by creating decent paying employment and returning the billions of dollars stolen from the 99.9% during Depression.2

Monday, March 9, 2015

Did you hear? We still have a chance.

The President's Selma speech renewed my faith in America - in us.
We still have a chance to maintain and renew our nation for all of us.

Can't see video? Please go here:

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just Guessing What's Next

What's next on the EOP (Evil Old Party) agenda now that the Pipeline is temporarily halted? I'm guessing our meager security net is on deck. No time to fritter away… especially if the Supreme Court dumps Obamacare... they just got to knock ‘em all down while they can!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Everything is PR Spin

We have lost track of "truth" because we are so comfortable with PR spin. In fact, every message we see and hear every day - and there are thousands of them - are spins. The obvious: ads; whatever any political person says; the "news"; articles, magazines, films, billboards, your teachers; your minister, priest, etc.; your doctor, your neighbor, your children and your mom and dad. Every message you see and hear is loaded to some degree with someone's spin.

Consider Global Warming. If I lived near the beach in Virginia or Florida and the ocean started coming into my home, I'd try to do something to protect my property. Wouldn't you? It makes no difference if the change is caused by Global Warming, too much human-generated carbon or changes in the sun. The water is coming in right now. So I'd stop denying and start moving.

How about you?

So it makes no difference which spin message I accept or don't accept. The truth is, no matter how much spin the PR people try to add to convince me that it is not happening, the water at the doorstep makes it real.

If you live in the U.S., you already know to expect the PR Spin... just don't forget to use your brain and get out of the water.

PR Firms Are Killing the Planet, by Lewis Beale, The Daily Beast, 03 March 15