Sunday, February 19, 2017

KSU Students Didn’t Shoot First & Didn’t Shoot Back

KSU students try to help wounded student, 4 May 1970.

 A few days ago Dan Adamini, Marquette County (Michigan) Republican Party secretary, Tweeted:

"Violent protesters who shut down free speech? Time for another Kent State perhaps. One bullet stops a lot of thuggery." (sic)

In a separate Facebook post, he said, "I'm thinking that another Kent State might be the only solution...They do it because they know there are no consequences yet."

The comments were in response to protests at the University of California Berkeley regarding a scheduled speech by Milo Yiannopoulos, the senior editor of the right wing website Breitbart.

Due to the outrageousness of his comments Adamini was forced to offer a public apology. A day or so later, he was also forced to resign his R party position and surrender his right-wing local radio gig.

For most people, I guess, that settled the incident and it’s been retired from the public domain.

However, the Kent State Massacre can not be retired to obscurity because it remains one of the many unsolved cold crimes of the J Edgar Hoover era.

For bringing media attention, however brief, to the Massacre, we owe Mr. Adamini an ironic “thank you”.

I will post more about the Kent State Massacre tomorrow.

As for now, nearly 47 years after the murder of four students and wounding of nine others, the proof has been uncovered and those responsible for murder need to be held accountable.

The Ohio National Guard soldiers were ordered to fire on the students.

The students had no weapons. They did not torch the ROTC building. They did not fire first nor did they return the Guard’s fire. They just died, were paralyzed and wounded that spring day. 

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