Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trash-Talkin' Ignoramuses

I never imagined I would be asking this question.

But here it goes anyway:
So, how do you know when the office of the President of the United States has managed to hired a whole slew of “unworthies” and hit “trash-talkin' ignoramus” bottom?

One way is to follow photos of the President’s assistants and advisors while at work. One can discover how they handle themselves while “under fire”. You know: with aplomb, sophistication and respect or as a two-year-old - an unsophisticated, disrespectful ignoramus.

Here are two such photos. The first is White House counselor Kellyanne Conway*. (Please see above.) You’ll note she is taking a photo of a group of university presidents in the oval office at the White House while presenting herself in an "unrespectful position". One could also add, unprofessional, “unlady-like, or child-like position.”

The second is of Stephen Miller**, advisor to the President of the United States as he recently appeared while on camera for CBS's Face the Nation. You’ll note he is flashing a well know white power sign while being interviewed.

My answer is: we’ve only begun our plummet down a huge, bottomless hole.

Do you really want these people representing the United States of America?

Do you feel good about having at least three white racists in the White House representing you? (Pres. Trump, Stephen Bannon and Stephan Miller)

Finally, how do you feel about having a totally self-absorbed, disrespectful, “alternative facts”, trash-talker in your White House?

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