Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Canny Chinese… Metamorphosis into Smartest “New Capitalist”

Like the Japanese a few years ago who took W. Edwards Deming’s philosophy of management to heart and laid waste to the U.S. automotive titans, the Chinese may be on the edge of taking a similar bold move. Only this time it’s all about sustainable energy.

According to the Times of London, members of the Chinese leadership have been seriously discussing Jeremy Rifkin’s book, The Third Industrial Revolution.

In his book and through countless speeches, Rifkin has painted a bright future free of carbon based energy dependency. His new economy leaps to prosperity by way of sustainable, distributed energy generation, tied together by the Internet and enabled by super smart technology – all of which are at hand as you read these words. (And, now proven in Europe, as well.)

The Chinese, historically ranked among the world’s most industrious, clever and successful “shopkeepers”, are reading his words, too.

If the Chinese leadership puts aside the old western path, i.e. carbon-based energy, in favor of a new way, they will help their people bypass a 100 years of costly infrastructure burden and accompanying environmental catastrophes. They will then “rocket” ahead of the USA.

Like the Japanese automotive industry, they will achieve this spectacular feat by putting into action an American pioneer’s idea, while our business and government leaders sit with their thumbs up their collective….a—s… and watch the opportunities and our collective hope for prosperity speed ahead without us.

Monday, December 3, 2012

First, Baby Steps

Bad Weather Event
Renewable Emergency Electricity for Homes, Condos, Apartments & Small Businesses

When the power fails this winter and your family and friends are without electricity, shivering in the cold – waiting for the repair crew to restring those antiquated power cables – consider taking a little old baby step toward your future in the Third Industrial Revolution in your town. Install a renewable / sustainable energy back up power generator.

A renewable / sustainable energy back up power generator is inexpensive, totally reliable and not dependent upon a dangerous carbon monoxide generating gasoline-powered generator. Renewable energy back up works for your condo, or apartment, too.

Most people recognize that bad weather events happen no matter which season and that they are happening more frequently. Along with the bad weather usually comes loss of electricity.

How long one may be without power is anyone’s guess.
Weeks after Hurricane Sandy some New Jersey people are still without power. A few summers ago, many of us here in S.E. Michigan were without power for several weeks due to a grid failure originating south of Cleveland.

So, power failures are not unusual and they are increasing in both frequency and severity. What are you going to do to protect your family and your small business?

One answer is to buy a gasoline powered generator. Great idea if you have a safe place to operate it. But, many do not - apartment and condo dwellers – among them.

Over the past few days I have been looking for home and small business “emergency” electricity generation products which operate using renewable energy from wind, sun or other sources. There are few on the market at relatively low cost compared with gasoline powered generators.

The idea is born of preparation for loss of electricity due to future storms. We know we will be subject to more “bad weather” events in the future. So, why sit in your home freezing when you can generate your own power to run your furnace?

My own bad weather experience tells me there is always wind during snow storms and during the summer when we lost electricity for about three weeks here in S.E. Michigan, there was plenty of sun and wind.

Additionally, I’ve read about several technological advances which when combined together make it possible to “bundle” power generation from at least three sources to create plenty of electricity to meet home electrical power needs.

Encore Boomer Movement's Earth Power Generator SystemStop worrying about freezing this winter or burning up this summer! For example, here is one of the renewable energy generator units which are currently on the market. Please check it out: solar. You will find that some configurations are also less expensive than gasoline powered generators. (Go here for a look at an outstanding home renewable generator company and various products: wind.)

Otherwise, Stand By! Because the Encore Boomer Movement's Earth Power Generator System™ will soon be available to you. It's designed to serve residents of all climates, especially northern areas, no matter the weather conditions. The unit combines three sources of renewable energy - wind, solar and gravity / disk - to safely generate enough electricity to power your furnace, computer, refrigerator, lights, radio, TV and other appliances during bad weather events.

Our thoughts are to help our communities’ transition to renewable (sustainable) distributed power generation by providing low-cost, "home" emergency generators to be offered by local government public service departments. They will retain some revenue and provide support services for their citizens.