Friday, October 19, 2018

Second Class Republicans?

Trevor Noah of the Daily Show has come up with an outstanding solution to the Republican Party’s never-ending voting restrictions schemes that deny millions of black, brown and Native American people their guaranteed right to vote. He suggests registering as a Republican and then voting for the candidate of your choice. You'll at least get to vote.

Great idea!

But, on second thought, that may work only once, until the Republicans invent a "second class Republican" status that will once again deny the “wrong class of Republicans” their right to vote.

I sure like the idea, though.

GOP Voter Suppression Ramps Up in Georgia
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Oct 18, 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018

It’s Our World, Too!

Our world is topsy-turvy, inside out.

Most of us live hand-to-mouth, paycheck-to-paycheck, way over our heads in debt, eking out an existence.

Because most of us know no other way, we have accepted the status quo as our way of life. We work our lives away, afraid to take a vacation day, less the boss replaces us with someone more compliant and/or younger. If we get sick or need time off for a surgical procedure, we worry if our job will be there when we come back from medical leave. It’s not paranoia. It is very likely that our colleagues will collude with our esteemed corporate management to screw-us-over, demote us, give our job to a personal favorite or replace our “full-time” job with a low-pay, rent-a-employee, located in India or Pakistan.

Then, even if we manage to keep our job, we don’t share in the abundance we produce and it's unlikely that we will keep our jobs long enough to see retirement. RETIREMENT? What retirement? By the time we reach retirement age most of the promised benefits will be gone. Social Security? Medicare? With one political party working day and night to eliminate them, it’s likely they will be history, too.

At some point we become depressed, over medicated and addicted - fighting for more of those ever-diminishing momentary “pleasure hits” conjured up from within our culture to make us buy more, eat more, and even vote against our own best interests.

Republican, Democrat, Progressive, Tea Party, conservative, liberal, blue collar, college educated, long-time resident, new resident - we all are feeling the pain alike.

We are not happy people. Things are not working. Things are topsy-turvy.

The question we must all ask of ourselves is: What can be done to make things work the right way? After all, isn’t it Our World, Too?

Mr Cellophane -John C. Reilly- The Movie Chicago- 2003

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tell Me Lies

While reading Mr. Trump’s op-ed in USA Today I began to wonder if I had been captured by the outer space people and transported to another earth or somehow transferred into alternative universe.

Nope. I’m kinda sure I’m still on planet Earth and still living in the universe of my birth.

WOW, I thought! This stuff is so far from truth that even the most zealous Trumpster must see his outrageous untruths falling off the page in heaps.

Nope again. I’ll bet a zillion marbles that most Trumpsters will be unable to cipher-out even a single untruth.

For the rest of us, we can attempt to heal our “truth wounds” at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign by taking the new Trumpaganda class and learn all about Mr. Trump’s “War On Facts”.

Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies - 1987

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Corporatists Rule

I've been silent most of the summer months. There have been several reasons, the most paramount being despair… a deep foreboding sense of paralyzing hopelessness.

I guess I’ve been mourning the death of a childhood fantasy that my government is good and the people we’ve allowed to represent us have our best interests at heart. It’s been a post WWII, 1940s-born delusion of mine to believe that elected representatives will first do for the people of the United States before acting in self-interest.

The past “confirmation” carnival through which the Republican majority enshrined Mr. Kavanaugh as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States clearly has shown that we, the 99.9%, can no longer fool ourselves with the fantasy that our elected officials will do “the right thing” for us, for the nation. No, in fact, rather than an open and honest review of Mr. Kavanaugh the nominee, we witnessed a replication of 1800s, backroom, partisan political gamesmanship to install a self-proclaimed, crony conservative and corporatist, to a life-term on our highest court.

I will be truly, and delightedly, surprised if Mr. Kavanaugh ever decides, even once, in favor of the best interests of common people of the United States over corporate or Republican party interests.

What can we expect the Court to render in the days ahead?

If historian Dr. Howard Zinn was right, and I believe he was, we will see more American injustice than "equal justice under law". Without a doubt the corporatists rule America.  In 2005 Zinn wrote:

"It would be naive to depend on the Supreme Court to defend the rights of poor people, women, people of color, dissenters of all kinds. Those rights only come alive when citizens organize, protest, demonstrate, strike, boycott, rebel, and violate the law in order to uphold justice.”

"The distinction between law and justice is ignored by all those Senators--Democrats and Republicans--who solemnly invoke as their highest concern ‘the rule of law.’ The law can be just; it can be unjust. It does not deserve to inherit the ultimate authority of the divine right of the king.”

"The Constitution gave no rights to working people: no right to work less than twelve hours a day, no right to a living wage, no right to safe working conditions. Workers had to organize, go on strike, defy the law, the courts, the police, create a great movement which won the eight-hour day, and caused such commotion that Congress was forced to pass a minimum wage law, and Social Security, and unemployment insurance.”

"The courts have never been on the side of justice, only moving a few degrees one way or the other, unless pushed by the people. Those words engraved in the marble of the Supreme Court, 'Equal Justice Before the Law,' have always been a sham."

"No Supreme Court, liberal or conservative, will stop the war in Iraq, or redistribute the wealth of this country, or establish free medical care for every human being. Such fundamental change will depend, the experience of the past suggests, on the actions of an aroused citizenry, demanding that the promise of the Declaration of Independence--an equal right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness--be fulfilled."

Howard Zinn: Don’t Despair about the Supreme Court,, 21 Oct 2005.

The Politicians Song, Nigel Bradford, 2013