Parsing for "Truth" Nuggets and Culling Demagoguery

The mission of Downriver USA is to make things work the right way, if not for us, then for all of our children and grandchildren. We achieve our mission by reporting and commenting about life happenings and then working to implement solutions for the common good. Our role is to ferret out the “golden” ideas; identify and discard the demagoguery; and, plow aside obsolete rhetoric.

Most of the USA, stands in the background while a few regions brag of superior wealth, costly homes, better schools and high-tech start-ups. The truth is that vast areas of the USA are beautiful places to live — where eagles, hawks and blue herons live; waters teem with fish; and people enjoy rivers, lakes and parks.

But, we are frightened lot. We know our elected representatives have sold us out to a plethora of corporations, even foreign entities, or are simply serving their own interests. Worse, we also know our society by its very nature, engenders sociopathic behaviors to the detriment of the public and rewards the psychopaths and sociopaths who thrive among our political and corporate leaders.

Despite this, most of us continue to work for a living, just like our parents and grandparents did. We are proud of that fact. And, we continue to cling to and uphold the canon of inalienable Natural Rights guaranteed to every human being that our nation was founded upon as well as the American Social Contract that created our mutually supportive society.

To this moment, most of us continue to believe that we are, all of us, Americans together, "... created equal, ... endowed by (our) Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Clearly, as it has always been, it’s up to us to create new industries, new businesses and to sustain our communities and support our people in achieving the American Dream.

We have come to realize that soulless, heartless corporations and psychopathic leaders are not concerned for our well-being.

No, watching out for and helping maintain our collective well-being is the job we all unknowingly assumed with our first breath.

And, it’s also the mission of the Downriver USA blog.

Ron Baker

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