Thursday, November 16, 2017

Past Portends Future

Researchers have found that historically inequality repeatedly leads to social disruption, even collapse. Here's the story from Washington State University...

The roots of inequality: Researchers chart rising inequality across millennia, Washington State University,, 15 Nov 2017.

“Researchers at Washington State University and 13 other institutions have found that the arc of prehistory bends towards economic inequality. In the largest study of its kind, the researchers saw disparities in wealth mount with the rise of agriculture, specifically the domestication of plants and large animals, and increased social organization.

“Their findings, published this week in the journal Nature, have profound implications for contemporary society, as inequality repeatedly leads to social disruption, even collapse, said Tim Kohler, lead author and Regents professor of archaeology and evolutionary anthropology at Washington State University. The United States, he noted, currently has one of the highest levels of inequality in the history of the world.”

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