Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hiding in the JFK Files - Lies Too Big To Fail?

Are you one of the few Americans still believing that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a lone assassin?

The President's recent disregard of the Congressional order to release all documents relating to JFK's murder should give you reason to consider why the CIA does not want you to see: “3,147 ‘withheld in full’ records never seen, and an unknown number of redacted documents estimated at about 30,000”.

Rex Bradford, president of the Mary Ferrell Foundation explained what actually was heldback, “Intensely lobbied by federal agencies including the CIA, Trump instead authorized the withholding of well over 90% of these documents. 52 of the 3147 withheld-in-full records were released and put online by NARA, less than 2%, and 2839 of the redacted documents were released, which is probably less than 10% of that set.”

From the public metadata available for all these records, it's clear that the most-desired records were held back. Still withheld-in-full records among the 98% of those not released include, for example:

  1. Still-withheld Church Committee interview transcripts not included in the 1990s releases, including one with none other than CIA Counter Intelligence chief James Angleton.
  2. Lengthy CIA files on officers who played a role in Castro assassination plotting and/or the JFK story, including William Harvey, David Philips, E. Howard Hunt, James O'Connell, Richard Synder, and several others.
  3. A 167-page CIA document on Valeriy Kostikov, the Soviet agent stationed in Mexico whose name was used as part of the "World War III" scenario that the Warren Commission we now know was created to push back against.
  4. An interview the House Select Committee on Assassinations conducted with Orest Pena, the New Orleans bar owner who told the Committee that Oswald was an FBI informant and he often saw Oswald in the company of a particular FBI agent.

Please go here for the whole story... the one you did not read in the mainstream press:
What Happened Thursday with the JFK Records?,

Please download background info, I've written: Lies Too Big To Fail (PDF)

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