Thursday, November 2, 2017

Diet Soda Makers Hit with False Advertising Class-Action Suit

Class action lawsuits could take aim at diet soda makers - 20 Oct 2017

Recently (16 Oct) three separate class-action lawsuits were filed against Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Dr Pepper/Seven Up Inc. These corporations make and sell diet” beverages sweetened with aspartame. *

“The suits allege that the companies' use of the word ‘diet’ in the beverages' ‘false misleading and unlawful’ marketing could make a ‘reasonable consumer’ think the drinks are a diet aid.”

According to attorney Abraham Melamed: “What's been going on is clearly deceptive advertising. In our opinion, it's one of the biggest consumer scams in the last 50 years, and it has to stop. There's a strong sense of urgency because there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of consumers out there that are being deceived on a daily basis."

But, despite the ABC commentators downplay in the clip above, this is big news.


Because drinking diet soda has no effect on weight gain but may have other serious health concerns.

For years researchers have suspected that consumption of diet soda plays a role in obesity, diabetes and the metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance).**

Explains Dr. Robert H. Lustig, M.D., MSL Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco, “Individual pieces of data are concerning,” he says. “There’s no question that diet soda consumption is associated with diabetes, but we don’t know yet if it’s cause or effect.”

The class-action suit has implications above and beyond deceptive advertising because the cost of treating the victims of these epidemics ranges in the trillions of dollars each year alone.

*Please go here for the whole story:
Diet Soda Makers Sued Over Deceptive, False and Misleading Advertising, Dr. Mercola,, 31 Oct 2017

** The eight chronic metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance) diseases: heart disease, lipid (blood) problems, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cancer (especially breast and colon), polycystic ovarian syndrome, and dementia.

How diet soda confuses your body

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