Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Each Man For Himself

On a clear day in Southeast Michigan
On a clear day in Southeast Michigan I can see the sun and blue sky. I love clear days!

For many people residing elsewhere, seeing the sun and blue sky is not so cherished.

But, seeing blue sky instead of the near constant gloomy, cloudy skies is just short of a miracle here in Michigan. It’s good to see the sun. It’s reassuring and soothing.

This morning, the beautiful sun streaming through the window, empowered me to see many things I didn’t want to see. In the gloom, they conveniently remained hidden.

In the brilliance of the sun a few of those things stood out and I was forced to ponder them.

For instance, in the past I’d considered Mr. Trump simply an accomplished psychopath. Adept at obtaining “wealth and fame” through any means, but without a particular plan or political philosophy, save for the “philosophy” of Trump First.

Today, following his appointment of Mr. Mick Mulvaney to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in the bright morning light, I did recognize the outline of a plan.

Mr. Trump’s plan is: anarchy. The total destruction of the U.S. government.

It’s obvious now. He wants it to be, each man for himself.

I’ll bet you can remember the last financial disaster. Just a couple of years back nearly all of us, including the Banksters, were on our backs like a bunch of nearly dead bugs, gasping for air. Due in large part to outright fraud, the Big To Fail Banks had to be saved from their own bottomless swamp at the cost of trillions of dollars. The public paid the price…, millions of mortgages gone bad… repossessed homes, lost savings… and much more misery than I can relate.

Now Mr. Trump wants to back-knife the itty-bitty consumer protection we have, even in the face of continuing big-bank fraud.

He may very well see his wish come true. But, he won’t be happy if it does.

Sammy Davis Jr - On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

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