Wednesday, March 18, 2020

U.S. Army Humanitarian Corps

"Helping Hand" insignia, US Army Humanitarian Corps.
The United States created the worldwide humanitarian crises, otherwise infamously labeled, “the refugee / illegal immigrant” problem, by displacing millions of people after illegally invading and destroying Iraq, Afghanistan and a multitude of other nations, plus fostering and supporting a slew of regime changes in South America and elsewhere throughout the world.

As a result, the nations of Europe have been forced to accommodate millions of refugees, while the U.S. for the most part, has chosen to ignore the problem. Instead of dealing with the “mess” we created, we have decided to build a wall to stem the tide of displaced people.

Obviously, that fix is not working. So, we need a new plan.

Let’s try this: create, the Humanitarian Corps, place it under command of the U.S. Army, with the mission of providing humanitarian relief, education and training, in situ, to the millions of people displaced through our never-ending wars.

As a past service person, I have faith that our military command will get the job done forthwith, in an efficient and evenhanded manner, using the equipment, personnel and material, as approved by Congress.

Through the Humanitarian Corps, using a few of the trillions of dollars meant for killing, we may steer the course of mankind away from unending inhumanity to itself and toward a more humane, kinder world – for all of us – and stem the refugee, illegal immigrant tide along the way, too.

Using military resources for humanitarian purposes is not a new concept. Often during times of natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc., political people mobilize military units to evacuate victims, provide medical care, transport emergency relief supplies as well as security.

The military, after all, has the logistical wherewithal – the ships, planes, manpower, and the command structure at the ready. All that is required is the order to spring into action and get the job done.

Let’s walk a path no one else in history has taken. Let’s try to use the military for humanitarian purposes.

We may never be able to defeat the "powers that be".

Still, we can help some of those left in misery due to our national crimes against humanity. For me, "No one left behind", includes the civilians we displace, leave to starve and die of their wounds - wounds we caused. We have the means to change the course of history by allowing our "better angels" to come forward and do what needs to be done.

Better Angels - Lesley Gore - 2005

It's not like I haven't tried and tried
It isn't where I look but what I find
I've been keeping clear of stepping on the cracks
I miss just enough to keep me coming back
I'm waiting for better angels
I'm waiting for any lead
And though my case looks fatal
I'm still hoping better angels come to me
Better late than not at all
Better to make the break than take the fall
I wouldn't mind hanging on
If I could find out what I'm hanging from
I'm waiting for better angels
I'm waiting for any lead
And though my case looks fatal
I'm still hoping better angels come to me

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