Monday, March 23, 2020

First Steps to Beginning Again

Here are the first three steps we must take to move forward toward "beginning again":
  1. Provide Free COVID-19, mandatory testing kits for every person to use while at home and at work on a regular basis until this pandemic has run its course. All of us must take the tests and results must be reported to a local, public healthcare authority. Those who are ill must be monitored and provided free healthcare.
  2. Unlimited, free face masks for every person to wear while away from home. Face masks must be worn while away from home in order to help stem the pandemic while people return to their pre-COVID-19 daily activities.
  3. We must expand Medicare and the Affordable Care Act to cover every citizen. Americans must have medical care, free from financial burden, in order to encourage them to seek healthcare if they are ill.
Taylor Swift - Begin Again - 2012

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