Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Trumpizing our Institutions

Mount Trumpmore
Art Credit: artist/creator unknown

Mr. Trump's "delegitimization of the Democratic Party or anyone who doesn't think like him is similar to the Nazi program to "reconstruct or reorder" various German institutions. The Nazis got rid of, “unreliable Nazis and replaced them with reliable Nazis.” They didn't tear down the universities, the judicial system, the press. They Nazified them. “The German institutions then became sources of Nazi concepts and behavior.”

Interesting, isn’t it?

Who would have thought about doing such a thing?

Well, whether Mr. Trump – Trump zealots, Trump evangelicals, or the Trump Republicans, e.g. Sen. Mitch McConnell – have or have not, the net result is we are witnessing the Trumpization of our institutions... weakening them, getting rid of those people not deemed loyal to him and replacing them with Trump Loyalists... right before our eyes.

Here is the story…

Losing Reality: Can We Get the Truth Back?

This being the Trump era, we find ourselves once again engulfed in two realities. There’s the reality of a spiraling global challenge from coronavirus, and there’s the ALTERNATE reality created by the president and his political and propaganda empire. They are spreading a virus of their own, lulling true believers into complacent ignorance with lies and misinformation.

In this conversation, Bill Moyers talks with psychiatrist and author Robert Jay Lifton about the dueling realities in today's America.

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