Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Dem Leaders Refuse to See

Good ol' safe Joe greases slide toward the end of American-style capitalism.
As Democratic Party leaders madly, arms and legs akimbo, scramble to make Joe Biden, the "moderate centrist", their candidate over social-democrat Bernie Sanders, our fundamental problem remains unaddressed: American-style capitalism has failed in delivering its "American Dream" promise.

Everybody knows tremendous inequities live in the USA and, in fact, wherever capitalism is practiced. Examples abound, including income stagnation, wealth accumulation, worker/management wage disparity. The list is endless. A quick review of French economist, Thomas Piketty's, Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2013) (please see his TED Talk) clearly lays bare our world-wide wealth and income inequality challenges.

The Democratic Party leadership will never address these issues. It never has. By picking Good Ol' Safe Joe to challenge Mr. Trump, the Dem leaders will ensure we travel further down the path to more and more economic inequities.


Economist Richard Wolff* knows…

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*Richard D. Wolff is professor of economics emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he taught economics from 1973 to 2008. He is currently a visiting professor in the graduate program in international affairs of the New School University, New York City. Richard also teaches classes regularly at the Brecht Forum in Manhattan. His books include: Capitalism's Crisis Deepens: Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown(2016); Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism (2012); Occupy the Economy: Challenging Capitalism(2012); Contending Economic Theories: Neoclassical, Keynesian, and Marxian (2012); and Capitalism Hits the Fan: The Global Economic Meltdown and What to Do About It (2009). A full archive of Richard's work, including videos and podcasts, can be found on his site.

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