Friday, March 29, 2019


John Sato, 95, with helpers at the march against racism in Auckland last Sunday.
Inspiration comes in many ways. Take John Sato, a 95-year-old veteran, for instance.

Mr. Sato explained that after the Christchurch shootings he, "...stayed awake quite a lot of the night, and I didn't sleep too well ever since. I thought it was so sad. You can feel the suffering of other people."

He decided he needed to attend the "Love Aotearoa, Hate Racism rally (that) took place at Aotea Square in Auckland on Sunday afternoon in response to the Christchurch shootings," even though it required four bus transfers to get there.

Sato continued, "I think it is such a tragedy, and yet it has the other side. It has brought people together. It doesn't matter what their race, or anything. People, they suddenly realise, we're all one. We care for each other."

That is why Mr. Sato is such a positive inspiration.

Please listen to this RNZ Morning Report, by Guyon Espiner and Susie Ferguson.

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