Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Drive-By Gun Woman

What does a drive-by gunman and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos have in common?

The creepy ability to hurt the defenseless.

Since living in the Metro Detroit area, I’ve noticed a strange fact: when a “tough guy” gun wielder drives by and discharges a fuselage of death into a home... he next-to-never manages to hit an adult. Usually, an innocent child is killed or wounded. And, the gunman gets his medal of bravery by taking a baby’s life with no fear of return fire.

Likewise, I find the DeVos deep budget cuts to Special Olympics like a drive-by shooting. She gets away with claiming budget-cutting bravery by hurting innocent Special Olympic participants while giving millions of dollars to wealthy charter schools… without worrying about taking return fire.

It’s easy peasy for a wealthy, entitled person to hurt defenseless humans… those who need all the help they can get… while securing more bucks for the wealthy.

Easy peasy.

James Taylor - Sweet Baby James - 1970

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