Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Channeling Great Spirits

Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) and Mayor Michael Bloomberg
While I admire Mr. Bloomberg for what I believe he seems to advocate and his campaign against Mr. Trump, I find it hard to support “just another” billionaire mainly because he can buy his media coverage and he appears to be the mainstream media’s acceptable choice.

That reason alone makes me suspicious that he will inspire and bring into fruition the clear changes we must make to American Predatory Capitalism and steer us away from the neoliberal “American Exceptionalism” / U.S. world domination bullshit that our political people appear to mouth as their everyday mantra.

Further, Bloomberg appears to be an “acceptable centrist Democrat” with mega bucks. So, the Wall Street people find him “one of them” and therefore O.K. to be president. I am reluctant to vote for another Wall Street person to be “THE CEO” of the USA. Just another person who will likely keep the nation on the same path we have followed since Truman left office and we were on before FDR. Clearly, that was and is the road to disaster.

If we are to survive as a Democratic Republic, then we must make radical change happen… away from American Predatory Capitalism and toward Democratic Socialism. We must move toward a government that serves the best interests of all 99.9% of the people, not just the .001%.

Additionally, we must find employment opportunities for people outside of the “American empire” war industry. As I see it, we have plenty of opportunity to do so through a real peace/green economy and restoration/revolutionary improvement of the U.S. infrastructure.

If Bloomberg worked in that direction, I might vote for him – assuming the Democrat’s Wall Street-dependent leadership will never allow Bernie to become their candidate.

Second Thoughts About Bloomberg

For me to dismiss him as a potentially good president is a mistake.

After all, FDR was a member of the .01% of his time and became one of the best advocates for common people as ever occupied the White House. He was labeled a traitor by the “old monied class”, the Wall Street scumbags, Republicans, et. al. FDR’s progressive legislation and “tax-the-wealthy” programs were also reasons the “Wall Street bankers and industry tycoons” tried to overthrow him.

While FDR did make several human rights mistakes, such as the internment of Japanese Americans and turning away thousands of Jewish refugees during WWII, his progressive accomplishments saved American predatory capitalism from itself and improved the quality of life for millions of Americans... to this day.

I know Bloomberg’s NYC administration, to some extent, supported the infamous the New York PD “stop-question-and-frisk” program and that he recently apologized for his part in it.

Still, I know next to nothing more about him. But I will do more research.

It is possible he could be an FDR in today’s “billionaire's” clothing.

So, our question for the oracles is: Can Mike Bloomberg channel FDR's great, good spirit to help the people of USA, the people of the world, TODAY?

Oh Great Spirit - 2012

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