Tuesday, March 20, 2018

You, Too, Can Call BS

Are you a visionary?

Back in the 60s and 70s did you somehow know that we would be swimming in BS when 2018 rolled around?

If you were that perceptive, then you deserve the Nostradamus Seein' Way Out Stuff Award. Needless to say, you must already know how important this Calling Bullshit class is for all of us today.

As for me, I'm watching all these video sessions on YouTube. Not only because they are free, but  also because I'm learning important stuff about how to become a savvy media consumer. For instance, I’ve learned about Alberto Brandolini's Bullshit Asymmetry Principle: "The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it."


I’ve also learned a new definition of Bullshit: "Bullshit involves language, statistical figures, data graphics, and other forms of presentation intended to impress, overwhelm, or persuade - presented with a blatant disregard for truth, logical coherence, or what information is actually being conveyed."

Seriously, you must watch these videos! To pique you interest, here are the first two:

Calling Bullshit 1.1: Introduction to Bullshit - 2017
Dr. Carl T. Bergstrom, Professor, Department of Biology, University of Washington
Dr. Jevin D. West, Assistant Professor, Information School, University of Washington /co-director of the DataLab

Bullshit is everywhere, and we've had enough. We want to teach people to detect and defuse bullshit where ever it may arise. Synopsis: Our world is saturated with bullshit. Learn to detect and defuse it.

Calling Bullshit 1.2: Calling Bullshit on Our Own Bullshit - 2017

Jevin uses data graphics to boast about explosive growth at our website callingbullshit.org and Carl calls bullshit. Old-school bullshit versus new-school bullshit. Synopsis: Our world is saturated with bullshit. Learn to detect and defuse it.

Please go here for the whole shebang:

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