Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trump Appoints New Cabinet Positions

(Special only to DownriverUSA*)

Earlier this morning, via Tweets from the Official POTUS Bed, DownriverUSA received two exclusive Twitter messages saying that POTUS has created several, startling, additions and appointments to the President’s Cabinet.

While it is not yet known where these new positions will rank, as cabinet positions do, in the order of succession to the Presidency, Mr. Trump simultaneously named both the new positions and his appointments to fill them.

Mr. Trump further tweeted, “The Marine Core should expect a beautiful appointment soon.”

Secretary of the NRA
Mr. Yosemite Sam

Secretary of Outer Space
Mr. Marvin Martian

Secretary of Wall Building
Mr. Elmer Fudd

Secretary of Non-Finland Immigrants
Mr. Taz

Secretary of Deals
Mr. Sylvester

Secretary of Obama & Hillary Blaming
Mr. Wile E. Coyote

*Please forgive me, Mr. Looney Tunes. I could not help myself.

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