Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bully Experience Antidote

I’ll guess that everyone has had at least one or more “bully experience” throughout life. And it’s also likely that the first one happened in grade school.

That would be an encounter with another person, usually bigger, older – and I’ll hazard another guess here – more stupid than you. Later in life we all encounter bully experiences at work, in the neighborhood, the grocery store, while driving and any number of other places. In fact bully experiences can happen anywhere at any time.

So it goes for all of us this political season. We have witnessed the bully experience maker extraordinaire, Mr. Donald Trump, make bully experiences an everyday norm.

After the election, perhaps Mr. Trump will trademark, bottle and distribute his “bully maker” concoction and offer it for sale along with a video and website chalk full of instructions on, “How you, too can become a Trump Bully Extraordinaire”.

All this bully talk sparked another thought about an ancient remedy to the bullies of the world. I’m sure you remember the movie classic, A Christmas Story, especially the scene when Ralphie gave it all back to the bully, Scut Farcus, won the admiration of his fellow students and earned a mouth washing, as well.

Come to think about it, perhaps Mr. Trump could benefit from an old fashioned mouth washing, too.

I suspect the world would be better off.

A Christmas Story -- Ralphie Beats Up Bully

What’s Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) doin’ today?
Go here for the story.

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