Monday, December 3, 2018

Michigan Rs Smokin’ Some Bad Weed

Interesting scam the lame-duck Republican legislators are trying to pull in Michigan. It’s certainly not, “politics as usual”.

No, since the Democrats won a few top jobs in the state, e.g. governor, attorney general, secretary of state, to name a few, Michigan Rs seem to be smokin’ some bad weed.

They decided to practice a unique brand of Scorched-Earth-Republican-Evil, akin to “sowing the fields with salt and poisoning the wells with putrid bodies”. Each night they must dream of the day when they can return to power and force us all back into serfdom.

I'm looking forward to the time when Lady Justice decides to bring some Pure Michigan justice back home.

Here’s the story, brought to light by Jack Lessenberry…

War on local communities, Jack Lessenberry, Lessenberry Ink, 3 Dec 2018.
"For as long as I can remember, Republicans have campaigned against big government, especially government controls that come from Washington.  Instead, they’ve marketed themselves as the party of small government and local control."

"That sounds nice.  Most of us would rather have decisions made and money spent by local people we know and trust, rather than big bad bureaucrats in Washington. The trouble, however, is this:  Republicans are absolutely in favor of local control … except when they’re not."


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