Friday, June 1, 2018

Your Soda is Murdering You

Do not drink Coca-Cola or any soda in any flavor variety.

Each drink you take is like smoking a cigarette... it's shortening your life. Your soda is murdering you.

How? Too much sugar consumption results not only in obesity but also – the eight chronic metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance) diseases: heart disease, lipid (blood) problems, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cancer (especially breast and colon), polycystic ovarian syndrome, and dementia.

Soda (pop) is loaded with sugar.

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Coke has promised less sugar, but less is still too much, Rosemary Stanton, The Conversation,, 30 May 2018.

The article distilled... the most important points  

"No nutritionist is going to knock reductions in sugar content, but even a single can of the new Coca-Cola with Stevia has 37% of the World Health Organisation's (WHO) recommended maximum daily intake of sugar for an adult. The other products listed still have 55-78% of the WHO maximum recommendation."

"Nor does the dental disaster associated with soft drinks disappear with low or no sugar varieties. This is because much of the damage to dental enamel comes from their inherent acidity."

"At last count, 28 countries and seven large cities in the USA had moved to introduce a tax on sugary drinks. Potential benefits are clear and include reducing costs from obesity and health-care spending, as well as the potential to increase a healthy life. Health groups in Australia have long called for the same to be done here."

"When Britain legislated for a sugary drink tax, graded according to the quantity of sugar used, some manufacturers significantly reduced the amount of sugar in their drinks before the law even came into practice."

"Echoing the tactic of some British companies, Coca-Cola in Australia is claiming it has taken action by "reducing sugar in 22 of our drinks since 2015," and is committing to "make all our new Coca-Cola flavours either reduced or no sugar." Their aim is for a 10% reduction across their range by 2020."

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That Sugar Song - 2015

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