Wednesday, June 13, 2018

We Are Insane

We are insane.
There is no other explanation for it.

The Trump & Kim Movie… Trump’s comments about the beaches of North Korea… prime real estate. The next Trump hotel, golf & country club… OMG! This man really believes his own BS.

So, we’ve gone totally Hollywood… lost track of “reality”. While Mr. Trump touts his flick, Mr. Kim sings about Mr. Trump's concession: "According to a report by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Trump expressed his intention to halt U.S.-South Korea joint military exercises, offer security guarantees to the North and lift sanctions against it as relations improve."

Oh, well. If you insist Mr. Trump… O.K. then. Here’s a review of your movie:

We have allowed this person to represent us.

We are insane.

Here's C-SPAN's coverage of Mr. Trump's Singapore press conference. The film was shown just prior to his taking the stage.

President Trump News Conference on U.S.-North Korea Summit 

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