Thursday, June 7, 2018

Trump Tariff Could Be Mega Opportunity... for Mexico

The solar array being assembled by a Chicago-based SoCore Energy, LLC,
outside of Carrizozo, New Mexico, is beginning to take shape. (Photo/Ray Dean)
Mr. Trump’s 30% tariff on solar panels is projected to hurt the U.S. solar industry to the tune of $2.5 billion and cost thousands of jobs. Here’s a run down on how the solar developers see the Trump tariff move.

Too bad for the U.S. solar entrepreneurs, U.S. workers and the industry’s customers.

Still, as a former marketing person, I smell a big opportunity brewing.

If I were Mexico I’d build a “wall” on the Mexican side of the border, but my “wall” would be made of solar panel arrays, built by the U.S. solar developers’ Mexican subsidiaries, employing Mexican workers and U.S. migrant workers, using relatively inexpensive, imported Chinese solar panels.

Then, I’d use the electricity to power Mexican communities and industrial centers, plus sell electricity to the U.S.

A man this month in Nogales, Ariz., talking to his daughter and her mother,
who were standing on the Mexican side of the border fence.
Credit Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press

Mr. Trump has a different wall in mind, of course. His wall is aimed at keeping poor, jobless brown-skinned people out of the U.S. and could cost as much as $70 billion.

The Mexican solar wall would accomplish that end, too, by providing thousands of people good paying jobs and cheap electricity to power their new homes, schools, hospitals and a plethora of supporting businesses.

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