Monday, June 11, 2018

Clean Break Reform

We have allowed our world to be topsy-turvy, inside out, sacrificing our children and grandkids to our gods: self-interest, greed and neglect.

Each day we choose to rush hither-thither through self-absorbed-lives. We go madly about, iPhones ablaze… multitasking… ultimately ending nowhere save as a bit in a Big Data set.

Most of us live hand-to-mouth, paycheck-to-paycheck, way over our heads in debt, eking out an existence. Still, we don’t think about that, do we?

Because we know no other way, we have accepted the status quo as our way of life. We work our lives away, afraid to take a vacation day, less the boss replaces us with someone more compliant and/or younger.

We don’t share in the abundance we produce.

Then, at some point, we become depressed, over medicated and addicted - fighting for more of those ever-diminishing momentary “pleasure hits” conjured up from within our culture to make us buy more, eat more, and even vote against our own best interests.

Like ping pong balls we are knocked back and forth by our politicos’ latest Twitter proclamations, going further and further into NoWhereLand... out of contact with reality.

Republican, Democrat, Progressive, Tea Party, conservative, liberal, blue collar, college educated, long-time resident, new resident - we all are feeling the pain alike.

We are not happy people. Things are not working. Things are topsy-turvy.

We need a clean break from our present mess, from a do-only-for-the-.001%-ultra-wealthy, corrupt Congress; from a tantrum-throwing, psychopathic president; from alternative facts.

We need a Clean Break Reform from this mess.

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