Friday, December 30, 2016

Which USA Will We Become in 2017?

No one knows what will happen in the days ahead.

So, I decided to try to reach for the stars and describe the USA I’d like to see.
Our nation will become a land based upon empathy with each of us making compassionate, life-affirming choices at every opportunity each day.

We will adopt a New Bottom Line, which Rabbi Michael Lerner defined this way:
 “A New Bottom Line is one that judges the success of our social institutions, government, and corporations based not on the Old Bottom Line of whether they maximize money and power, but instead assessing them on the extent that they maximize love and caring, kindness and generosity, empathy and compassion, social and economic justice, peace and nonviolence, and environmental sustainability, as well as encourage us to transcend a narrow utilitarian approach to nature and other human beings.”

As for the choices, Stephan A. Schwartz, in his groundbreaking book, 8 Laws of Change, explains, that first we must be aware that we make choices each day. For instance, when we go the grocery store, we choose to buy one product over several others. If we become aware of the nature of the company that produced the product we are buying, we can make a conscious choice to buy the product produced by a compassionate, life-affirming company. That, he makes clear, is a world-transforming choice which is ours to make each and every time we make a decision to buy.

Perhaps making those compassionate, life-affirming choices will help us get to that New Bottom Line.

8 Laws of Change | Stephan A Schwartz | TEDxVail

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