Friday, November 27, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness.8 Making A Difference

Charles Hart, Albernelle Hart, Myron Hills and other neighbors have made a big difference in David Lynn's life. Recently, Lynn found himself pinned under a car. Seeing that he was seriously injured, and not hesitating for EMTs to arrive, his neighbors moved the overturned car off of him and pulled him to safety.

Myron Hills, Ypsilanti Township, MI, put it this way,"If you see somebody in trouble, you know, you try to help them out. That's pretty much how I look at it. On a daily basis, whatever I do. It don't make no difference what it is. If I see somebody in trouble. If I can help 'em, I help 'em."

"Neighbors lift car off man after crash in West Willow", Darcie Moran,,
22 Nov 2015

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