Thursday, July 23, 2020

Leaf Blowers, Hockey Sticks, Moms & Dads

Day 54 in Portland. Photo Credit: Jon Cover, Screen Grab, see below.
Thousands of American citizens protesting Trump/Republican SS Goons, singing, “Hands Up Please Don’t Shoot Me”, that was the reality seen throughout the world the other day from Portland, Oregon, USA.

Later, “Dads with leaf blowers” tried to keep tear gas away from the moms and Black Lives Matter protesters, while others with hockey sticks tried to bat the tear gas canisters away from the protesters.

This is how Americans -U.S. citizens - defend their right to peaceful protest from Trump/Republican tyranny.

They are the real heroes defending the Constitution of the United States.

Portland Protest Day 54 - Walls of Dads (orange) joins moms & leaf blowers, Highlights (Part 1)
Jon Cover, 20 July 2020

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