Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Hero "Man of Steel" Chris David

Chris David, the Navy Vet, Portland Man of Steel. Photo credit: AP.
Heroes are a rare breed. They somehow find the courage within to do the possible while others shake with fear.

Chris David (53), the Naval Academy graduate and Navy vet, who stool his ground while the Trump/Republican SS beat him with their batons and pepper/tear gassed him point blank, is such a hero.

Many dubbed him, the "Man of Steel" for what he endured this past weekend. But Mr. David is not a cartoon character Super Man. No, he is the real thing. An American Hero.

Here's the story....

Portland protester describes beating by federal officers, Zane Sparling, Potland Tribune, 19 July 2020.

"Portland protester describes beating by federal officers..."

"He sat down on a park bench, before being pulled back from the flashpoint by a street medic, going by the name Tav, who treated David and ensured that he was taken by an ambulance to the hospital."

"David says he has two fractures in his hand and, while it's currently in a splint, he is expecting to need surgery later this week."

"After a flurry of attention, David is hoping life will return to normal soon. While he never did speak with the camouflaged feds, he said he hopes they hear his message:

"That oath of office is essentially swearing loyalty to the Constitution of the United States, and what they're doing is not constitutional anymore."

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