Sunday, November 24, 2019

Bugs Gone

Art credit below*
I've been looking forward to today.

The word is finally out that those nasty bugs of all kinds are not long for this world.

Medisieve scientists/researchers have ciphered out a magnetic way to separate bad bugs from the blood stream and send them packing.

Here's the story...

This company wants to extract diseases from your blood using magnets, Mark Anthony Karam,, 15 Nov 2019.

A new breakthrough in modern medicine could be upon us. A UK company called Medisieve wants to cure tenacous diseases like malaria using... magnets!

To understand how Medisieve works, think how you're asked to drink a Barium solution before an X-Ray

If pathogen cells could be bound with magnetic nanoparticles, you could extract them with a magnet - that's Medisieve's belief

Human trials will start very soon.

We’ve covered news of a longevity fund that hopes to extend human lives past a hundred years. We’ve explored the concept of remote surgery, where a doctor miles away operates on a patient through the use of mixed reality technology.

Now, a UK company called Medisieve literally wants to use magnets to pull out diseases out of the bloodstream. Yes, you heard that right.


*Art credit: Cartoon Germ Cliparts and Horseshoe Magnet, giant

Hit the road Jack! - Ray Charles - 1961

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