Monday, November 19, 2018

U.S. Pain Management Program

I’ve witnessed firsthand the results of one of our nation’s most ill-conceived “medical policies” — the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) opioid prescribing guidelines as implemented in the State of Michigan.

I’ll put it this way, if you must have a joint surgery operation, especially a total knee replacement, I recommend putting it off until our government people stop treating post-surgery patients like they’re addicts and prescribing doctors like they are pushers. Wait until they adopt a sane, controlled prescription drugs policy that returns post-surgery patient’s pain management to their doctors.

Until that time comes, the only pain management that is currently legal in the U.S. is that offered though unregulated firearms. That is, when your pain reaches an unbearable level, blow your brains out. That’s legal. And, it really will control your pain — forever.

Today, your Doc is required to reduce your pain medication regardless of the extent of your pain because the Center for Disease Control’s opioid prescribing guidelines require patients to be reduced across the board, regardless of their condition.

Here’s the story

“Earlier this year my doctor explained that he was required to reduce my pain medications. I was shocked. He explained that new opioid prescribing guidelines were requiring patients to be reduced across the board, regardless of their condition,” pain patient Liz Ott wrote in a recent guest column.

AMA: ‘Inappropriate Use’ of CDC Guideline Should Stop, Pat Anson,,14 Nov 2018.

“Two and a half years after the release of the CDC’s opioid prescribing guideline, the American Medical Association has finally taken a stand against the ‘misapplication’ and ‘inappropriate use’ of the guideline by insurers, pharmacists, federal regulators and state governments.”

“Although the guideline is voluntary and only intended for primary care physicians treating non-cancer pain, many pain patients have been forcibly tapered to lower doses, cutoff entirely or even abandoned by their doctors – all under the guise of preventing addiction and overdoses. The CDC has stood by and done nothing to correct the false portrayal of its guideline by insurance companies and pharmacies such as CVS.”

“The genie may be out of the bottle, but the AMA is now trying put it back in.”

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Who Is Telling The Truth About Prescription Opioid Deaths? DEA? CDC? Neither?, Dr. Josh Bloom, 5 Nov 2018.

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