Friday, November 2, 2018

Nauseated? Can’t 6 Nov Get Here Sooner?

Too many political ads.
Some people know that the midterm elections are only a few days away. That fact may account for all the TV ads some people see if they are indeed watching what passes for local TV news programming.

A few people, I’m one, I guess, occasionally, even turn the sound up to hear some of the ads. I don’t know about those few other viewers, but when I actually listen to the ads, I begin to feel nauseated – overcome by the outright garbage and absurd lies cascading in torrents on innocent, prospective voter viewers… like me.

Taking into account that every election cycle is loaded with unrepentant falsifications, this election seems to have passed every overdose limit known to mankind. 

The exception, of course, is the greed overload limit. That "limit" grows exponentially each year.

There is no overload limit for the TV station owner’s greed, that is. After all, the TV people are raking in millions of dollars for constantly airing election advertising overflowing with outright lies and obviously misleading garbage content.

Still, I did catch one actor supposedly thanking Mr. Trump for his strong economy and low unemployment rate.

I was amazed.

Did this person really believe she was better off working for slave wages, no benefits, no healthcare, and continuously mounting credit card debt? Didn’t she realize that, a Whopping 62 percent of jobs don't support middle-class life after accounting for cost of living? So, no matter how hard she works  it is likely that she can’t make enough money to live a decent life in the U.S.A. today.

Well, no. She didn’t know that. She’s an actor, not a real person.

But, it is our American Dream... we're well off now... we're kings and queens.

Roger Miller - King of the Road - 1965

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