Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Seeing by Genius Street Lights

I live on an island where people take great pride in having no lighted streets.

After nearly 15 years living here, I've yet to truly cipher out the logic behind the no lights decision and often thought we could find a safe compromise.

Well, now we have one. Leave it to the genius Norwegians to devise a solution that provides light when needed and saves money, too.

If only my neighbors could see the (dimming) light...

This Auto Dimming Street Lights System is Too Cool!

Bjørn Nyland - 29 Dec 2017
At highway 155 in Nes i Hole, 220 radars have been installed on each light pole. They detect oncoming traffic and adjust the strength of the light. By doing this, the 9 km/5.5 mi stretch saves a whopping 2100 kWh per week. The extra investment will break even after just 4.5 years.

Thinking about Norwegian genius, for some reason, brought to mind my childhood memories of the "Great Dane" comedic genius, Victor Borge. I thought you might enjoy a few minutes of fun prior to launching into your brand new 2018 activities.

Genius in a Different Light - Victor Borge - "Page-turner"

Victor Borg (Børge Rosenbaum, 3 January 1909 – 23 December 2000) was a popular radio and television star in Europe and the U.S.

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