Sunday, August 13, 2017

Finding Courage to Face our Doppelganger

We, Americans, are unaware. We don’t know about us. Millions of us close our eyes from seeing and ears from hearing.

We don’t want to know that there is a doppelganger version of our beloved USA roaming unrestrained on the other side of our borders.

While millions have witnessed and endured its wrath, we sit “sheltered” from our evil twin.

At home, some of us are beginning to understand what others have known for years… we have turned our heads away from truth and allowed our doppelganger to “secretly” infiltrate, misdirect and mismanage our government, squandering our national trust, wealth and resources to do terrible things.

Our doppelganger briefly made an appearance on U.S. soil in Dallas back in November 1963… then vanished from view into the murky, evil darkness… to remain hidden until we, Americans, could find the courage to attempt to face it.

Who murdered John F. Kennedy, the President of the United States, and covered up the conspiracy?

For certain, beyond a shadow of doubt, we know the names of two of the conspirators. We know from the just released CIA documents.

“In May 1964, top CIA officials stonewalled the official investigation of the murder of President John F. Kennedy by concealing or downplaying evidence about the Cuban contacts of the accused assassin, according to newly declassified documents.”

“The documents, released online last month by the National Archives, show how two CIA spymasters concocted a series of false and misleading statements that served to steer the Warren Commission investigation away from evidence that might point to a conspiracy.”

“The long-secret records, stamped with the words “Reproduction Prohibited,” shed new light on two key issues related to the death of JFK: 1) the agency’s plots to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro at the time JFK was killed; and 2) the CIA’s pre-assassination knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald, the 24-year-old ex-Marine, who was arrested for killing Kennedy.”

And, here, for more background: Lies Too Big to Fail, Part II

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