Wednesday, January 4, 2017

You Can Take Love With You

From my perspective, the concept I am exploring is tied to my never ending desire to help people make their lives better, if not for themselves, then for their children and grandchildren’s sake. One way I think we can begin to walk that path is through free, open and mutually respectful conversation between people about issues which we all must confront.

Frankly, I know that, in general, history shows that people who hold differing views seldom talk about them while together. In my mind, the past election clearly shows that supporters of Mr. Trump and Sec. Clinton are reluctant to be seen with each other let alone talk about the issues we must solve in order to move our nation forward… or backward, depending upon your perspective.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, my hope, therefore, is to make an itty-bitty first step toward fostering mutually respectful conversations about the challenges we confront as neighbors in our local communities. That can, no doubt, be accomplished online*. But clearly impersonal conversation is not enough. We require face-to-face, trust-building, challenge resolving, in person discussions. The reason is that we are all partners in this life and first we must agree to help each other so that we all have a modicum of a chance to succeed. If not, we will surely all fail individually. If that happens, what of the innocents who will live in a future disaster of our making?

I hope you’ll agree. If you do, please make a first step and begin to organize your “Treaty Tree Forum” discussion group in your hometown. Before long we will have thousands of discussion groups collaborating and I’ll bet that we will discover some solutions to help make our world a better place for our grandkids.

Collaboration - Affect/Possibility: Ken Blanchard at TEDxSanDiego

*We must offer the discussions online, too. Perhaps, even live via Periscope or Facebook Live, etc.

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