Friday, May 27, 2016

The Case for Peace

Why Peace Makes Sense Even for the 1%

As Boomers, we share a characteristic with millions of our brothers and sisters throughout the world: We just want to live our lives in PEACE and be left alone to enjoy the fruits of our labor. If we have freedom enough for that, well then, we're basically happy.

Until now we have had the good fortune to enjoy that state of mind. Life has been good.

But things changed during this past few years, what with Depression.2 and unfortunately, life is no longer as joyful as it once was. What has changed?

For certain one negative human characteristic has come back in favor. As the economic conditions become worse, the “us vs. them” mentality is back in full force. Soon, it will emerge with a vengeance.

History is on the side of the “us vs. them” and vengeance characteristics. One only need remember a little bit of history, i.e. the French Revolution, to understand how out of control things can become unless those that “have” allow those “without” just an itty bitty bit.

Second, not even the most self-absorbed Boomer wants to lose the little in life he / she still possesses. We all have awakened to the facts of life and are realizing that our world is now different and bad things are happening all around. Perhaps the same is true for the 1%ers, too. Only they have a lot more to lose.

Take all this into consideration and yes, it's true, there are solid financial reasons for adopting “a peace model” which make sense to the most hardcore capitalist among us.

It appears that a change of perspective is in order. Just a slight glance away from a traditional capitalist way of seeing life, offers a new view of the “us vs. them” problem. The problem actually becomes an unique opportunity for the 1%ers to accumulate even more wealth in a multitude of ways if the 99% actually have enough to spend. The 1%ers could be selling zillions of things and untold services to the billions of emerging “have-a-littles” — the Boomers and all the rest of humanity. For us, the 99%, we just want to be left alone with enough to live a reasonably humble existence.

Do you remember thinking that those who believed that our governments were “controlled by a few select people” were out of their minds and could “better occupy their time doing something constructive, like running for office?”

Today, we learned through life experience that change does not necessarily happen because a bright, motivated person gets elected to office.

Actually, it doesn't matter who is in office. Because nothing changes. It is now abundantly clear that the office holders enjoy incentives for maintaining the old way, the old power structure. So, everything keeps piling on for the 1%ers and little to nothing goes to the 99%. The politicos are rewarded for guarding the “same-old-same-old”.

But, outside of politics and government, the world has changed. For the first time in history, people throughout the world have the knowledge and the communication tools to create a new paradigm based upon their certain intuitive understanding that they have more in common with each other around the world than they have with their own political leadership.

As a result, we share an unspoken agreement that we all have everything to gain through PEACE, and everything to lose through war.

I've never met a combat vet who is in favor of going to war. Have you? - RB

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