Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Calling from God

By David L. Dyer
Three years as a deacon, have come to an end
That’s not so easy, to comprehend
What have I learned?  What have I done?
I know I’ve made friends, with most everyone
So now that it’s over, what’s next on my plate?
Should I wait for God, to decide my fate?
No, I’ve still got plenty to say

I’ll never forget, what happened that day
Eight years ago at age sixty nine, God reached out to me
It took a year to realize, since he works mysteriously
I collapsed on a treadmill and lost control and thought my life was through
An incurable disease called Parkinson’s, was the start of something new
He who knows all knew that I, would never give up my beer
And now that I was near seventy, he felt the time was now here

God reached me through my late brother, Wayne
Knowing what the outcome would be
Knowing I had a story to tell, Wayne uttered these words to me
“David, don’t give up, you must continue
Do not die, with your music still in you”

Next came a trip to the Vietnam Wall
That’s when I gave up alcohol
It took quite a while to understand
It was God who put that pen in my hand

There are fifty plus thousands, of names on that wall
God’s calling to me, was “remember them all.”
I began writing stories, and even a book
My efforts continued, whatever it took

Eight years have passed, I’m now seventy seven
I’ve been lifted from hell and I’m halfway to heaven
I’ll continue to write and take my stand
Til I can no longer hold, a pen in my hand

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