Thursday, October 27, 2022

It’s Time for Servant Leaders

Mike Franken, candidate for the US Senate in Iowa
photo: screen capture

Weeks have come and gone.

During that time we suffered COVID and then Hurricane Ian left us in ruins.

Still, our most serious affliction remains our leadership vacuum.

We have an epidemic of bought leaders. Dedicated to serving themselves at the direction of the billionaires, foreign nations and corporations funding their campaign coffers, they accumulate millions of payola dollars while in office rather than serve the interests of the people who elected them. 

In fact, our society has become dominated by the premise, “suck in big bucks while you can, even if means your own people will grievously suffer as a result”, that serving the interests of the people has become the exception rather than the first requirement for elected office.

Today, we expect that our representatives are or will soon be scumbags and are shocked if they exhibit concern for others, humanity, honor, and dedication to doing right by all people regardless of political affiliation, nationality, skin color or heritage.

All this said, I stumbled upon the interview below with Mike Franken, candidate for the US Senate in Iowa. I hope he is what he says he is… and if so, that he is elected to office.

Deep red Senate seat suddenly IN PLAY for Democrats, Brian Tyler Cohen

Oct 26, 2022

INTERVIEW: Brian interviews the Democratic nominee for the US Senate in Iowa, Mike Franken, about a bombshell new poll showing him within striking distance of unseating Chuck Grassley, and whether Grassley’s age (he’d be 95 years old by the end of the term he’s running for right now) is a concern to him.

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