Friday, September 16, 2022

DeSantis’ PR Stunt Backfires

Florida Gov. DeSantis’ latest FOX PR stunt seems to be backfiring because it appears to be just plain stupid, illegal, and inhumane.

First the stupid part. Mr. DeSantis used Florida funds to pay for the private jets used to transport 50 refugees to Martha's Vineyard. The problem is that the refugees originated from San Antonio. Last time I checked, San Antonio was located in Texas, not Florida. Floridians might find that a problem, even if they are Trumpers. Using Florida tax money to transport the Texas “unwanted” just doesn’t make sense.

Second, shipping legitimate refugees awaiting their appearance in court away from a Texas-based immigration jurisdiction to another is not a up to a state. It’s up to the federal government. That makes this move illegal. Additionally, according to Susan Akram, professor, Boston University School of Law, "...if migrants were deceived into boarding the flights, coerced or deliberately misled, they or Massachusetts officials could charge Texas state officials responsible for fraud — or perhaps even kidnapping, depending on how they were coerced into boarding the transport."

Third, the inhumanity of this fraud is obvious to most people other than Mr. DeSantis. 

Finally, despite Mr. DeSantis’ best efforts to embarrass the people of Martha's Vineyard and score points with the FOX talking heads, the opposite has happened.  

Here’s the story…

DeSantis Flying Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard May Have Violated Federal Law, Experts Say, Nikki McCann Ramirez, Rolling Stone, 15 Sept 2022.

Alex Wagner Tonight MSNBC, 15 Sept 2022

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