Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Voter Suppression

Voting at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Photo credit: WLKY News Louisville
We saw it in Wisconsin, then Georgia and Arizona. Now, Kentucky - maybe.

Voter suppression accomplished by closing polling places, running out of ballots, and voting machine malfunction. All these tactics were used during the COVID epidemic, which alone was good reason not to go vote.

But the pandemic could be considered an “act of God”, like a hurricane or blizzard – no one purposely conspired with Mr. COVID to keep people from voting. At least, not like closing polling locations and forcing people to wait for hours to cast their vote does. No, those things are man made, Republican-made to keep voters from voting.

The other day in Louisville, Kentucky, anyway, voters seemed to have a positive voting experience. Jefferson County had it together at Louisville’s only polling place, the Kentucky. Exposition Center, and the turnout was less than expected for this primary election.

It is likely that many voters stayed away out of fear, lack of transportation, convenience, or employment requirement. And the vote-by-mail program was as screwed-up in Kentucky as it has proven to be in previous state's elections this year.

Still, here we are. The act of voting is not easy. It has gotten a lot harder to vote. In fact, it's a pain in the a__. And that's the whole idea, is it not?. One political party does not want people who might just vote for a Democrat to vote.

Is it not obvious that we must stop the systematic suppression of one of our most cherished “rights”, the right to vote? I believe it is.

How can that be done? it appears that another Constitutional Amendment is now required to make states ensure that the “act of voting” is facilitated by the states in a fair, honest, and timely manner in order to thwart voter suppression.

Voters surprised at lack of long lines at Ky. Exposition Center - WLKY News Louisville
Jun 22, 2020

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