Thursday, April 30, 2020

Time for Change

This morning I woke from a nightmare... that $trillions in stimulus money has one again ended up in the hands of the big banks and Trump-supporting corporations, like Panama-registered Carnival Cruise Line, which "...according to its SEC filings... is 'currently exempt from US federal income and branch profit taxes'".

Sadly, it wasn't a bad dream - just another night in Trumpland.

So, while the millions of Americans are once again taking it on the chin, our system is working great guns for the Trump-supporting-global-corporations. Our system is not working for us and it is way past time to make a major CHANGE.

Economic Update: Virus Triggers Capitalist Crash
Prof. Richard D. Wolff

Democracy At Work
Today’s episode features an analysis (part 1) of how, why capitalism - especially in US - failed to prepare for or cope with a virus thereby enabling it to trigger another crash of capitalism (third this century: in 2000, sub-prime mortgage in 2008). In part 2, Prof. Wolff provides an analysis of  how to respond to crash better than the US govt by emphasizing re-employment in millions of new jobs rather than unemployment, emphasizing worker-coops, etc.

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