Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Canny Chinese… Metamorphosis into Smartest “New Capitalist”

Like the Japanese a few years ago who took W. Edwards Deming’s philosophy of management to heart and laid waste to the U.S. automotive titans, the Chinese may be on the edge of taking a similar bold move. Only this time it’s all about sustainable energy.

According to the Times of London, members of the Chinese leadership have been seriously discussing Jeremy Rifkin’s book, The Third Industrial Revolution.

In his book and through countless speeches, Rifkin has painted a bright future free of carbon based energy dependency. His new economy leaps to prosperity by way of sustainable, distributed energy generation, tied together by the Internet and enabled by super smart technology – all of which are at hand as you read these words. (And, now proven in Europe, as well.)

The Chinese, historically ranked among the world’s most industrious, clever and successful “shopkeepers”, are reading his words, too.

If the Chinese leadership puts aside the old western path, i.e. carbon-based energy, in favor of a new way, they will help their people bypass a 100 years of costly infrastructure burden and accompanying environmental catastrophes. They will then “rocket” ahead of the USA.

Like the Japanese automotive industry, they will achieve this spectacular feat by putting into action an American pioneer’s idea, while our business and government leaders sit with their thumbs up their collective….a—s… and watch the opportunities and our collective hope for prosperity speed ahead without us.

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