Saturday, April 2, 2016

Putting Care Back in Life

The other day I was shaken by the fact that a friend had gone through months of lonely debilitating illness, yet no one knew the full extent of seriousness of her condition.

A vivacious, highly intelligent woman, she held high-level management position in IT for several Fortune 500 companies. She worked internationally, as well, traveling to the Middle East for one of her automotive industry corporations – during a time when, especially for an American woman, gender-based prejudices were stacked against her. She was successful and fulfilled in her position.

A year or so later, the top level management changed and the inevitable corporate politics took its devastating toll. She was booted out. So goes the corporate world, on top one day, being praised as the best manager in the world and out the next because the new CEO or Chairman wants “fresh eyes”.

Fortunately, for my friend, a short time later she landed another equally rewarding and fulfilling position. She was back on top.

My point is that this lady has never given up. She has always overcome whatever roadblock has come her way.

A few weeks ago, her neighbor, by chance, discovered her unconscious in her driveway. She was rushed to the hospital emergency room, where she received several units of blood and later began weeks of therapy to recover use of her legs and regain her balance due to the stroke she had suffered.

While in the hospital someone robbed her home, stealing all of her valuables. After trashing the place they left - leaving on the water in the upstairs bathroom. The resulting damage was extensive, costing more than $60,000 to repair.

The good news is my friend is on the road to recovery and with the help of an outstanding realtor she has managed to sell her home. Today, she is temporarily living with her cousin while she recuperates and decides her next steps.

The moral of this story:
Life is good. Life is hard. Repeat, not necessarily in the same order.
When life is good, try to help others.
When life is hard, seek help and you will find it.

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