Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mrs. Helen Brick Lost Her Life This Morning

I’ve been house-bound the past few months. We are taking care of Colleen’s 95-year-old mother who now requires near constant care and can not be left alone.

Colleen is an RN and we are fortunate to have Henry Ford Home Health Care, Henry Ford e-Home Care and Henry Ford Home Infusion support, without which taking care of Trula would be impossible.

Since I’m working out of the home office and have some medical training and experience, I help take care of her during the day and night time.

Our day normally begins at 4 am and this past Thursday was no exception. We were up taking care of Trula until about 4:40 am. I stopped into the home office and looked out of the window and saw smoke coming out of one of the condos located not too far from us.

A row of condos directly in front of ours obstructed our view of the burning building and we couldn’t see the entire structure. Fearful that our neighbors were in danger, we called our fire department and learned that they were already aware of the fire and on the scene.

Unfortunately, the building was totally engulfed by the time our first responders arrived and Mrs. Helen Brick, our neighbor, did not survive.

I wish I had gotten up earlier and seen the smoke so that we could have alerted our first responders and they could have gotten to her in time. Go here for more about Mrs. Brick.

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