Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dance of Intimidation

I was up early this morning working.
Digg, the news service, sent digg digest for the week of 11-18 Apr 2012. It led me to the video of a few people protesting drone warfare outside of the entry gates at Whiteman Air Force Base.

I watched. This video brought tears to my eyes. Not because of the hymn singing or the message offered by Kathy Kelly, a three-time-Nobel-Peace-Prize nominee.

No. I wept because of the unmitigated, police state presentation of intimidation “danced” by the Missouri State Police against a few older, non threatening U.S. citizens who were begging that our government consider spending less on defense.

Asked why authority (power over others) is abused, a friend responded, “Because we can.” Meaning, we have the power so we will use it. In this case, one good thing did happen… the officers didn’t beat the women with their clubs.

"Dance of Intimidation" Performed by the Missouri State Police.

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