Friday, December 3, 2021

Cancer Eradicated — Forever


With their attention slavishly focused on relatively insignificant “news”, neither corporate media nor the ultraright Trumpist media reported perhaps the most important breakthrough story of our lifetime – a Princeton University team of researchers, led by Prof. Yibin Kang, has discovered a new cancer therapy that, “…holds potential to switch off major cancer types without side effects.”

Cancer metastasis, growth and spread of the disease throughout the body, is the primary cause of death due to cancer — all forms of cancer. Dr. Kang’s team has found a way to combat, stop and eliminate the dreaded disease from metastasizing. 

Throughout the world cancer has killed millions. 

I have lost multiple friends and relatives due to cancer. No doubt you have, too.

Here is the story that you should have seen headlining your news a few days ago. It was published via two papers in the journal Nature Cancer.

New cancer therapy from Yibin Kang’s lab holds potential to switch off major cancer types without side effects, Liz Fuller-Wright, Office of Communications, Princeton University, 29 Nov  2021.

“Imagine you could cure cancer by targeting one tiny gene. Imagine that same gene occurred in every major cancer, including breast, prostate, lung, liver and colon. Imagine that the gene is not essential for healthy activity, so you could attack it with few or no negative side effects.”

“Cancer biologist Yibin Kang has spent more than 15 years investigating a little-known but deadly gene called MTDH, or metadherin, which enables cancer in two important ways — and which he can now disable, in mice and in human tissue, with a targeted experimental treatment that will be ready for human trials in a few years. His work appears in two papers in today’s issue of Nature Cancer.”

“You can’t find a drug target better than this: MTDH is important for most major human cancers, not important for normal cells, and it can be eliminated with no obvious side effects,” said Kang, Princeton’s Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Professor of Molecular Biology and one of the principal investigators of the Princeton Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.

“In the two papers we are publishing back-to-back today, we identify a compound, show it is effective against cancer, and show that it is very, very effective when combined with chemotherapy and immunotherapy,” said Kang. “Even though metastatic cancers are scary, by figuring out how they work — figuring out their dependency on certain key pathways like MTDH — we can attack them and make them susceptible to treatment.”

“For years, Kang has focused on metastasis — the term for cancer’s ability to spread from one place to another in the body — because he knows that metastasis makes cancer deadly. While 99% of breast cancer patients survive five years after diagnosis, only 29% do if the cancer has metastasized, according to current numbers from the National Cancer Institute.” -more-

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